For one time, this article will be in English (sorry but i'm not fluently ;-))

I spent a very good time yesterday evening..

With my friend Isabelle we went to the "Main D'or Theatre" and we saw a funny one man show only in english. When Isa asked me if i want to see it, i wasn't sure because my english is not very good and i was afraid of not understand all the show. But i was very proud because I all understood..

It was very funny, and so true...

I advise you this show !

And Thank you Isa for the evening...

To have more information, you can go there


Come and discover the only one man show in Paris 

100% French humor 
100% in english 
100% easy to understand for french !!!! 

You love Paris but you think that parisian are rude! You're right, they are! 
You are too nice and you want to become arrogant! 
Do not wait and come to my training :


After the show, you'll act like a real parisian in a shop, restaurant, taxi, metro, night club, in bed!
You'll learn the typical parisian language, facial expression !!!!!!!!!!!!
Your family and your friendswon't recognize you !!!!
Olivier Giraud, your teacher, can't wait to meet you !!!!!!!